Welcome to Wanderfest

June 28th and June 29th, 2019

at Dundee Lodge in Gaston, OR

camp * cavort * commune



TWO FULL NIGHTS OF MUSIC, under the stars, with all your friends!

THANK YOU for supporting our best efforts to build a sustainable music community by purchasing tickets to our shows. Camping, cavorting and communing at unique venues is our favorite way to connect with each other and support independent musicians. Every show is a once in a lifetime experience.

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Sponsor support is what makes this festival possible: compensating musicians adequately, providing event infrastructure and much more. We simply couldn’t do it without you and we appreciate each and every contribution!

THANK YOU for supporting independent artists and musicians through your tax deductible donation to Great Northwest Productions.

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501(c)3 fiscal sponsorship provided by CascadiaNOW!